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Since the hovercraft came into operation which enabled cruising above ground on a cushion of air which kept the craft above ground enabling it to travel through land and water on one travelling path the concept has run riot in the imagination of many.

The hovercraft is a very large vehicle and the race was on to manufacture a smaller version to be used by one individual which would create and offer an unprecedented travelling mode.

The film "Back to the future" tickled this imagination further and many tried to emulate the gadget depicted in the film but every attempt proved futile considering form a commercial point of view.

If the idea had to succeed it had to be commercially viable and that was a major negative aspect that most could not overcome because the idea was to be above ground while travelling and that was a very unachievable exercise with the available technology.

It was well and good for a larger vehicle like the hovercraft but was a bit awkward to bring the same technology to a vehicle that would carry one person especially over a distance.

The hoverboard

Shelving the idea for the present till the technology was available the next best thing was to develop a "smart balancing board" which was not the same thing as a hovercraft but came very close to it but instead of being above ground this remained on it but moved forward at an acceptable speed, clocking around 12 miles per hour.

The introduction of the "hoverboard" brought a sigh of relief on many but things got bad when some of these self ignited due to faulty batteries and errors in the electrical circuitry.

This development brought the relevant safety authorities to clamp down and bring certain standards to prevent accidents and loss of life and everyone went back to the drawing boards to get it right,

AlienBoard Hoverboard

To race was on and AlienBoard Hoverboard clinched the standard certification which was the UL2272 which allowed them to market their product as it was certified safe and up to the required safety standards (to check out if how to choose a safe hoverboard, you can click here and check out Alien Wheels blog).

The product range that AlienBoard Hoverboard boasts of is quite impressive and their top of the range models have many innovative and advantages features that would go hand in glove with what the young and the not so young would aspire to have when travelling along unhindered from point A to point B.

Equipped with Bluetooth and other technologies that make the AlienBoard Hoverboard far ahead of its time and with other manufacturers still trying to get their act together, they are the leaders in the market and are soaring high with success.

If you are looking to show off your balancing prowess it is time you got yourself a gadget from the future and that would be the AlienBoard Hoverboard and then cruising along at the university, work place or around the neighborhood is really going to turn many heads your way making you the cynosure of all eyes.