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VORTECON - Kinetic Desk Toy

A spinning top to relieve stress, it would make anyone apprehensive but it does work. The kinetic energy responsible for rotating the, Vortecon Spinner Wholesale which creates an optical illusion in the mind would reduce stress.

The VORTECON spinning top weighs just 345 grams, 380 grams, 368 grams in Stainless steel, copper and brass respectively. They are all 44 millimeters in diameter and 35 millimeters in height.

High quality stainless steel, copper and brass

The round block is chiseled off from the finest high grade stainless steel, copper and brass. The CNC machined spiral on the top and symmetrical helix on the sides are all accomplished with aerospace grade lathe machinery.

There is perfection to the minutest detail enabling the VORTECON to spin silently on your desk or other smooth top. The smoothness of its rotation is due to the superfine quality black leather with the embossed VORTECON logo.

The leather holds the VORTECON in one place while it spins from the physical force that you would apply to start it. A normal spin would end in about 25 seconds enabling you to spin again.

Smooth and silent

It is the smooth high quality precision bearings which are in the VORTECON which ensures it rotates silently on its axis. You could have it rotating all day long which would not disturb anyone around you either at home or office.

A spin with a higher force would let the VORTECON to rotate longer. It is looking at the spin which would relax your mind and relieve the inherent stress.

Proven results in reducing stress

It has been proven in clinical tests that VORTECON does have a soothing effect on the mind. Keeping one and rotating it on your desk, could be a subconscious routine but one which would have the required effect.

It would be your prerogative to get one and try t out and see what a difference it could make to your daily productivity.